DelXy: Your Premium HTTP Compression Service
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Delxy is an HTTP Compression Service to Compress your Internet traffic so as to reduce your bandwidth requirements.
  • Delxy will normally reduce your bandwith requirements by a factor of about three (3).
  • Delxy will normally improve your browsing response times significantly.
  • With Delxy, you can accommodate more clients at a fraction of the cost on your existing bandwidth.
We use various techniques to cache and compress the content so as to achieve very high levels of bandwith reduction.

Delxy is a client - server service. We sell you a client appliance that communicates with our servers in the USA to deliver the compression.


Delxy is useful for Educational Campuses, ISPs, Large Corporate Institutions, Large Internet Cafes, etc., in Developing and Rural regions where bandwidth costs remain high and there is the need to increase capacity.


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